February 17, 2018 ABC Animal Clinic Spay/Neuter Event

Thank you to ABC Animal Clinic for the use of their facility and Dr. Bell veterinarian on staff.  Another successful event where 35 dogs/cats were spayed/neutered.

A Big Thank You to Best Pets of Colorado

for sponsoring and funding Lucerne Valley, California - July 29, 2018

Spay and Neuter Event 

     Thank you BEST PETS of Colorado for sponsoring and funding Lucerne Valley's spay and neuter event. Your generous donation helps HDAC to continue its mission to help with pet overpopulation. By spaying and neutering pets, it not only helps with overpopulation but also the overall health of the animals. Despite the 100 degrees plus temperature a total of 38 dogs and cats were altered and also 10 more animals were altered through HDAC's voucher program. Thank you, John Breckenridge, of Blankies and Towl's for Animals, donated blankets and stuffed animals.

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