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March 31st 2022 - Free Rural Clinic in Newberry Springs, CA

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Tuesday March 31st was another successful Free Rural Clinic. We like to thank the New Berry Springs Community for lending us their community building to have this Free clinic. We like to thank Doctor Beecks from Angels Touch Mobile hospital for coming out and helping all these pets get vaccinated, chipped, and most important not have unwanted pregnancies.

Doctor Beecks and her staff were incredible!!! They worked very hard. I need to give another huge thank you to all the volunteers who work at the clinic. To everyone who helped us set up and take down. Putting on events like this is hard work and a lot of coordination to make sure everything goes well. I have to say that thanks to all the volunteers this event was a huge success!

I also would like to thank all the responsible pet owners who came out to the Free Clinic to help their pets. If you wish to help us do more events like this one please consider joining the HDAC by donating a little and by sharing our post.

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