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Clark - Abandoned and Alone in the Desert

Clark when we first rescued him

Can you imagine being alone in the desert during the heat of summer with no water, no shelter, and no way to get help? Well, that is exactly what poor Clark lived through for a VERY long time.

Not all heroes wear capes, and for Mike Ryan, that is the case. This amazing man, who is a trapper/dog trainer, heard there was a dog dying in the desert of California and went out of his way to bring him to safety. He immediately went out and found Clark starving, alone, and badly injured in the desert. He then devoted the next 24 hours trying to gain his trust before finally getting him to safety and alerting our rescue for help.

Once we were contacted, we immediately made arrangements to get him to our vet at Ark Animal Hospital. The poor boy is literally a bag of bones as every day he was dying from starvation along with a fractured arm. If the community wouldn’t come together as we did, this innocent soul will either be suffering still or potentially dead. But, thankfully, today he is safe, has food and water, and is being hospitalized! Clark is an example of how working together, we can do anything!

With help from donors like YOU - look at how AMAZING Clark has come along!

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