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Griz - Abandoned & Left Alone After Owner Passed Away

Griz when we found him, he could barely stand

On April 26th, 2020 - HDAC took in this old boy his name is Griz. This poor boy was left to die in a backyard after his owner died. Nobody came to his rescue and nobody took him to a vet. He was literally unable to stand up. His spirit was broken. He was alone and scared. His caretaker was dead.

Once HDAC took him in everything changed. He was rushed to a hospital and was physically carried as he was unable to stand up. We didn’t think he would survive since he wasn’t eating. After 24 hours of medical care, he can stand up on his own.

Per the vet his liver enzymes were abnormal. He was put on meds to help him. He was diagnosed with severe arthritis - which can be controlled with medication and physical therapy.

Griz will be getting Adequan injections twice a week for the next 6 weeks. He is on pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication and medication as well as meds for his liver.

Griz also started physical therapy. Before he was matted and crying due to the pain he went through, and now - he is all smiles. Our amazing community and team at HDAC were able to provide the medical care he needed to help him bounce back to life.

Griz after medical care and love

Griz has had a hard life. Especially since his poor owner passed away.

But now, thanks to this loving community he will only know love. We will continue to update. Please share and please donate if you can towards his current medical bills and his future medical care.

All donations are tax deductible


Venmo 714

HDAC/ checks 8531 SVL Box Victorville ca 92395

We thank you in advance.

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